ApolloDas High-G Custom Telemetry Transmitters

ApolloDas High-G Custom Telemetry Transmitters

A typical high-g Telemetry Sender will comprise a multiple channel data encoder and an RF transmitter with an optional rechargeable battery pack to provide a complete solution for the test and evaluation of articles which may be subjected to high-g levels, spin and launch and impact shock.

The Encoder Section can be specified to monitor analogue voltages, digital signals and serial data sources of various types.

The Transmitter section of these Telemetry Senders is typically integrated with the Encoder Section and is normally a PCM/FM or SOQPSK transmitter operating in either the S- Band or L-Band and with an RF Power Output of up to 5 Watts. RF Power is determined by Telemetry range and reception requirements. 

The Telemetered data is formatted to IRIG 106 PCM specifications as standard.

                                                                                                for more info please see this PDF data sheet pdf