Bit Syncs, Decoms and DAC


LS-40-DB  – Bit Synchronizer Daughterboard rates up to 25 Mbps [Data sheet]

LS-40-P  – PCI Bit Synchronizer [Data sheet]

LS-40-B – Drive Bay Bit Synchronizer [Data sheet]

LS-45-DB –  Dual Channel Bit synchronizer for rates up to 40 Mbps [Data sheet not available]

LS-50-D  – 2ND Generation Multi-function Decommutator [Data sheet | Manual | Software]

LS-50-cPCI  – Compact PCI multi-function Decommutator [Data sheet | Manual | Software]

LS-55-DD  – Dual Channel Multi-function Decommutator [Data sheet | Manual | Software]

LS-71-P  – 16 or 32 channel Digital to Analog Converter [Data sheet | Manual ]