Distribution Amplifiers 12 Channel

Standard 12 Channel, Optical and Configurable

ptf 1202A  HF Distribution (30MHz – 400MHz) ptf 1206A Configurable Distribution
 ptf 1203C RF Distribution (0.5MHz – 50MHz)  ptf 1207A  Configurable Distribution 
 ptf 1203D RF Matched Phase Distribution   ptf 1208A  Optical Distribution Tx
 ptf 1204A  Digital Distribution (DC – 50MHz)  ptf 1209A  Optical Distribution Rx
 ptf 1205A  Time Code Distribution (A,B,D,E)  ptf 1231A  GPS Antenna Distribution


All products are designed for high isolation and low phase noise/jitter, and the configurable distribution units (ptf 1206A and ptf 1207A) allow combinations of RF, Digital, or Time Code distribution within the same package.