GPS Receivers NTP Servers

ptf 3201B Low cost Frequency Standard  ptf 3203A-WiMax Optimized for WiMax 
ptf 3203/4A   Multi Function GPS Freq/Time Std. ptf 3204A-SAASM SAASM enabled solution 
 ptf 3203/4AB  Mobile GPS Freq/Time Std.  ptf 3205A  Low cost OEM solution
 ptf 3223A  High performance NTP Server  ptf 3225A  OEM NTP Server

ptf GPS receivers and NTP servers offer solutions tailored to applications requirements. From full function, comprehensive Frequency, Time, and NTP standards including multiple frequency outputs with very low phase noise, to simple NTP servers to build in to custom systems. The SAASM enabled solution allows an external P(y) code receiver to be connected providing a secure solution for military environments. The WiMax configuration is designed to drive a 360 deg. triple antenna system while the mobile version provides continuous update of position, velocity and heading.