LL-3525 GPS Synchronized Time Tranfer Unit

The LL-3525 is a GPS Synchronized Timecode Generator. The unit distributes time information based on the Global Positioning System (GPS). The reveiver used is a 12 channel timing receiver. Timecode is HaveQuick (GPS-060).

Key Features:

  • Synchronize unit to GPS and take accurate GPS time where GPS is not available and antenna cables cannot be laid easily (e.g. on ships)
  • Transportation of accurate time better than +/- 100 nanoseconds relative to UTC (depending on the oscillator integrated)
  • Operating controls and status indicators on the front panel
  • Display with status and time information
  • Handheld and portabel chassis (HxWxD) 115 mm x 120 mm x 234 mm
  • Timecode: HaveQuick (GPS-060)
  • 1PPS output


 For more information please see this PDF Data Sheet