RF Systems

Standard Amplifier product lines as well as Custom Design Amplifiers in a variety of packages along with many unique options such as Switching, Filtering, Remote Powering and others are what we do best. We are always ready to address your special requirements to design and manufacture these products to suit your needs. Following are some of the various types of RF systems we take much proud in. As with all of our products, Custom Design and manufacturing is part of our daily business conduct.


 All product data sheets are in PDF format.

Power Panels 
 MDP-101100/11 VHF/UHF-Band Multicoupler/Power Panel — 10.0 to 1,100.0 MHz
 2MPP-2000S Dual Channel Series — 20 to 2,400 MHz 
 MPP-3000MC Power Panel/Multicoupler — 20 to 1,100 MHz and 1.0 to 12.0 GHz 
 MDAP-10120S-2 Wide-Band Multicoupler/Power Panel — 1.0 to 12.0 GHz


Antenna Systems 
 MANT-1424-2C Low Gain Dual Polarized Antenna System — 1,435 to 2,400 MHz
 MANT-2224-01120-RHCP Medium Gain Antenna System — 2,200 to 2.400 MHz
 MANT-2224-01120-2C Medium Gain Dual Polarized Antenna System — 2,200 to 2,400 MHz


 MDA-01250-4SC Quad Channel — 1.5-32 MHz, 1-100 MHz, 20-1,000 MHz, 800-2,500 MHz
 MDA-59B-3C Tri Channel — 5-500 MHz
 MDA-301000-20SBR Wide Band — 30-1,000 MHz 
 MDA-90170EL-29 Quad Channel L-Band — 900-1,700 MHz
 MDA-13G-20SBR S-Band — 1,000-3,000 MHz
 MDA-1060/010915 Wide Band — 1,000-6,000 MHz
 MDA-1424/01060915 L&S-Band Filter/Preamplifier — 1,435-2,400 MHz
 MDA-2023F-2-0109 S-Band — 2,000-2,300 MHz 
 2MDA-2244-4RG Dual Channel S-Band — 2,200-2,300 MHz
MDA-2224/010615 S-Band Filter/Preamplifier — 2,200-2,400 MHz
MDA-2224H/011215 S-Band — 2,200-2,400 MHz