Switching Modules and Mainframes

VXIbus Equipment

Our VXIbus modules are designed for a number of switching applications including ATE, video and Digital equipment. They install into any C-size VXI compatible mainframe.

We are proud to offer one of the only available “ruggedized” VXIbus mainframes available on the market. The unit delivers 11 slots and meets extremely difficult parameters including temperature, shock and other environmental specifications.

Information on our VXIbus Mainframe:

Single through Penta wide (C1 to C5) module sizes are utilized. The width of the module is mainly determined by the front panel area required to contain the signal connectors and indicators.

  • The VXI Platform
    Discussion about VXI today, and the future. Prepared by the VXI Consortium.

To VXIbus Module Selector

These VXIbus version 1.4 modules provide the systems engineer with one of the most compact and advanced solutions for routing signals in an automated test environment. This is achieved by utilizing the ATE industry’s VXIbus standard coupled with our latest state-of-the-art switching technology. The VXIbus standard was developed by a consortium of companies in 1987, joining forces to define and introduce a modular instrument standard that would be open to all manufacturers. The end result is lower overall system cost, smaller package size, higher performance and multiple sources of manufacturers for the user to shop from.

Universal Switching offers a number of standard C-sized VXIbus modules designed for register-based control. This type of control delivers the fastest control response and lowest cost to the user. They are considered the next generation of switching equipment to meet today’s and tomorrow’s need for high performance and cost effective switching solutions. The product line offers modules which span a bandwidth ranging from DC to 40GHz including digital switching modules with data rates up to 1.4Gbps too. Both solid-state and relay based technologies are utilized. This rugged switching equipment offers a variety of plug-in module types for addressing a wide spectrum of applications. A complete redesign of the product family during 1998 has further increased the cost effectiveness and performance of all modules.

Main Features

  • Compact size
  • Low cost per crosspoint
  • High reliability and quality
  • Advanced control and status features


Applications for VXIbus Switching Modules

  • Manufacturing ATE test stations
  • High resolution video routing
  • Communication centers
  • Data switching and distribution
  • Mobile or airborne data acquisition systems

All of these applications would benefit by utilizing a programmable switching module. The compact size and advanced control features of these modules increases performance for any application where automated switching is required.