Data Link Products and Systems

We have two basic types of data link products. One series is designed to interface to the typical data sources which are then used to transmit control signals to a UAV or aircraft payload and then to utilise an airborne receiver to decode these signals and pass commands to a UAV payload.

The second series of products is designed for applcations where data acquired by the UAV sensors and its associated housekeeping data needs to be transmitted to the ground.

Digital Processing techniques enable modulation schemes and bandwith occupancy to be optimised for each application.      

  • The Apollotek Data link products can be supplied to operate at RF frequencies from 200 MHz to C-Band frequencies.
  • The T-567 Series – Data Link transmitter provides up to 2 Watts in the 300 MHz band, L-Band or S-Band.
  • The R-567 Series – Low weight Data Receiver is compatible with the T-567 Transmitter and provides a serial RS422 data output as standard. Other data output interfaces can also be supported.
  • The APK8766 – USB Data Link L-Band or S-Band Receiver provides a baseband data output signal.
  • The APK8767 Series of combined Receiver, Bit Synchroniser and Decommutator products can be used in data link applications. This is a useful solution for data links with multiplexed video and data signals.
  • The APK8769 – USB Data Link L-Band or S-Band Receiver and Signal Recovery Unit provides a synchronised Data and Clock RS422 output to interface to other data link components.