LL-8200 Time Code System

The mod. LL-8200 Time Code System is able to generate and display analog and digital time codes. Using an optional GPS receiver it can be used as a GPS synchronized reference clock with multiple time and frequency outputs.

The basic unit with IRIG B in- and output containes a 9 digit display of Time of Year and an IRIG generator/translator/sync-generator board. The intensity of the display can be programmed, the system time can be set either manually or via front panel controls. Various kinds of options are avalable, e.g. GPS Synchronisation, various Time Code and Frequency Outputs, a NTP Time Server Board, a Sysplex Timer Output or Video Time and Data Insertion.


Key Features:


  • Basic Unit works as Generator or Sync Generator
  • 19” Rackmount Unit with 1U height
  • Adjustable high quality Display
  • IRIG B Output
  • Optional additional Time Code and Frequency Outputs
  • Optional Video Time and Data Insertion
  • Optional GPS Receiver
  • Optional Have Quick Output
  • Optional Sysplex Output
  • Optional NTP Time Server


For more information please see this PDF Data Sheet