TNP Series- Wideband data oIP

The TNP Telemetry Network Processor series addresses the need for transmitting timing sensitive data signals over IP Networks in telemedicine, defense and industrial applications. This product series interfaces to most standard digital telemetry formats, such as TTL, ECL, RS-232 and RS-422, as well as IRIG timing signals.

In addition to telemetry services, the TNP Series enables Multi Service Platform capabilities, providing low latency transmission for T1 & E1 telecommunications carriers, as well as broadband analog signals such as video. Multiple Bridged 10/100/1000BT & Optical Ethernet interfaces enable flexible IP Network connectivity, e.g. allowing daisy chaining of multiple IPtec products.

For more information please see these PDF Data Sheet


 TNP-100 LL-3760_V1.pdf 
  TNP-200  LL-3760_V1.pdf
  TNP-300  LL-3760_V1.pdf